There’s a new coworking space coming to town and it’s a doozy.

Come June, Downtown Gallery will house The Work Project, brainchild of founder and entrepreneur, Junny Lee. This brand new space, and the second of its kind in the world, is dedicated to elevating the coworking experience largely through design thinking and we are just trembling with anticipation.

Those who think that coworking spaces are a trend that only panders to vapid millennials should definitely think again. The very rise of the concept has only highlighted how prevalent the changing corporate environment is – and The Work Project aims to cater to users as needed.

Opening its doors on 1 June 2017, The Work Project is a place the likes of which have never been seen in Singapore. Citing new ways of work, world class design and work experience as the main pillars of the team’s vision, the The Work Project has partnered with The Providore and Omotesando Koffee to offer members first-rate food and drink options, creating a holistic work atmosphere.

Still unconvinced? Read on to find out just how much of a game changer The Work Project will be.

1) World class design

Building on shifting office environments in this fast-changing world, The Work Project has enlisted the expertise of the design team at HASSELL to bring to life their vision of creating an inspirational space, a place where members can feel like they can achieve anything. No expense has been spared in providing the best quality furniture, with each desk being fitted with the best ergonomic chairs in the world.

Committed to conveying a sense of elegance, comfort and domesticity, natural tones and touches of green are layered throughout the space. In playing up with the strengths of the space itself, the whole area has been segmented into three sections of varying brightness levels, producing a different ambience in each section. With The Work Project Hong Kong being voted one of the top 5 most beautiful spaces in the world by Forbes, we’re incredibly excited to witness the unveiling of this brand new space.

2) Flexibility

Artist's impression Artist’s impression

Understanding the mobility of today’s office workers and their need for flexibility, both part-time and full-time memberships will be available, all depending on the needs of the user. The Work Project will also offer full-time members complimentary access to the largest inventory of small meeting rooms and focus rooms in Singapore, in response to the growing number of small-scale meetings, whether you deal in one-on-one discussion or require video calls. With the flagship space having been opened in Hong Kong last year, members of the new one in Downtown Gallery will have access to both spaces, if they ever find themselves in Hong Kong, looking to do work.

3) Food from The Providore

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The collaboration with wholesome food warehouse The Providore means that you’ll be eating healthy during your breakfasts, lunches and snack times. With a curated gourmet pantry of specially designed meals, accessing clean yet satisfying food will be no challenge at all. Say goodbye to wasting time on deciding what to have for lunch (and then more time travelling there), and channel that energy into closing your next big deal instead.

With talk of cold pressed juices and fruit smoothies being available for breakfast, we’re salivating at the thought of having something refreshing to kick off our work day. The Providore will also be able to provide bites for a boardroom setting, upon request. Promising to evolve their menu based on user feedback, their dedication to customer satisfaction is superior, and we have no trouble understanding their partnership with The Work Project.

4) Energy boost with Omotesando Koffee

It’s time to treat yourself right and ditch the 3-in-1 coffee sachets. You deserve it, and you deserve to taste some of Japan’s finest. With the opening of Omotesando Koffee’s first outlet in Singapore, you’ll soon have premium access to their signature hand-dripped coffees, made from a blend of roasted beans. Perfect for a bi-hourly pick pick-me-up, simply grab a steaming cup of joe from the neighbouring outlet and reset your engines. Or if you want a welcome distraction from your computer screen, take some time to watch the highly skilled baristas work their magic, with techniques inspired by the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, turning inedible beans into a magical, delicious liquid.

The head barista from the Hong Kong outlet of Omotesando Koffee, Johnson, will be in Singapore for a month to train the new employees, so you can put your concerns about diminished quality to rest.

5) Experience the new standard of luxury

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Shifting priorities pave way to changing perceptions of luxury, and The Work Project, in conjunction with Downtown Gallery, aims to provide users with this new standard of luxury. In a world where time and convenience is a privilege, the amenities that surround the coworking space will leave members feeling well heeled. Located just a few minutes’ walk from two MRT stations, Downtown Gallery boasts a wide selection of amenities and shops, perfect for members of The Work Project.

With 8 gyms and assorted workout facilities, you will be able to maintain your health and wellness, regardless of how hectic your day gets. Parents should also be glad to hear that Mulberry Learning Centre will be opening an outlet at Downtown Gallery, letting you spend a little more quality time with your tiny tots. However, what we think is the pièce de résistance is definitely the 15,000 sq. ft. farmer’s market-themed grocer that The Providore will be opening in Basement 1, its largest space in Singapore to date. Try your hand at a cooking class or just peruse the biggest cheese room in Singapore with wine glass in hand, and submit to life’s pleasures after a long day of work. It’s good for the soul.