FitnessFest by AIA 2017 is happening this weekend and we are just buzzing with excitement! With so many activities happening all at once, things can get a little hectic. Get the lowdown on all the do’s and don’ts to make this your ultimate fitness escapade!

1) Pace yourself

With more than 12 mass workouts and 60 workout trials, you have to be super careful you don’t burn out too early. Don’t go crazy dashing about, trying to do it all – FitnessFest by AIA is as much about fun as it is about fitness! If you’re super excited to try your hand at the boxing, calisthenics and parkour workout trials, pacing yourself is super important! Got yourself a two-day pass? Even better, you’ll have more time to try more things out. Also, don’t forget about the mass workouts – they’re where the action’s at.

Pro-tip: Need more help preparing for what to focus on? Check out our guide on the things you must see and do at FitnessFest by AIA. Also remember to plan out your day the second you get your programme booklet so you’ll know where to be at the right times.

2) BYOM (Bring Your Own Mat)

Remember to bring your own mats, especially if you’re looking forward to the yoga sessions! If you don’t have a mat, you can always head down to the shopping village to pick up some great mats at fantastic prices.

Pro-tip: Beginners, pick up Manduka’s welcOMe mat at the shopping village for almost 50% off!

3) Come early for workouts you want to attend

Don’t dawdle on your way to an indoor cycling workout – you might just find yourself out of a slot. All the activities at the Fitness Discovery Arena will require on-site registration on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to arrive early. If you’re late to register and don’t have a slot, just hang in line – you might be able to replace any no-shows!

Pro-tip: With the programme booklet, map out the most convenient route that can quickly take you where you want to be.

4) Attire

It’s a fitness festival so definitely come in something comfortable. Regular ticket holders would have received the official FitnessFest by AIA tee or tank in their swag bag so chuck it on and truly embrace the vibe of the festival. Hop down to the Shopping Village to pick up the latest athleisure from super cool brands like Theia and Lorna Jane.

Pro-tip: Cassey Ho’s activewear brand POPFLEX will be physically available for the first time in Singapore so be sure to immortalise your memories with some merch!

5) Bring only the essentials

Leave all your bulky things and expensive electronics at home – there won’t be any bag deposit areas or lockers at the festival. Pack light and bring only what you need.

Pro-tip: Bring a bag big enough to take home all the goodies you’ll score at the festival!

6) Cash & NETS

We’re pretty sure we won’t be able to resist the food offerings and stellar activewear deals at the shopping village – and neither will you! Don’t miss out on anything just because you can’t pay for it – come prepared with either NETS, adequate amounts of cash, or both (because you can never be too safe).

Pro-tip: Bring smaller bills for ease of payment (especially for food)!

7) Sunblock

Protect your precious skin from the glaring rays with some SPF. The organisers have got you covered – each swag bag contains sachets of Banana Boat sunblock, but feel free to bring more if you want!

Pro-tip: Fill travel-sized bottles with sunblock so you’re not lugging the full-sized bottle around the whole day! Also, keep them in little ziplocks, in case they explode and ruin your new buys.

8) Showers

It’s a festival, not a gym! Expect to get down and dirty as you push yourself during your workouts. Freshen up in the restrooms, if you must, but other than that, just embrace the grittiness of working your butt off all day.

Pro-tip: Wet wipes will always be your best friend.

9) Stay hydrated!

With a combination of Singapore’s scorching weather and all the exercise you’ll be doing, it’s safe to say you’ll be sweating a ton during the festival. Don’t forget to regularly replenish your bodily fluids! Stop by the hydration bars for a top-up on water or sports drinks on your way to the next workout.

Pro-tip: No bottled water is allowed on the festival grounds so be sure to bring your own personal water bottle to make sure you’re keeping hydrated!

10) Train, don’t drive

The Marina Bay area is home to some of the most exorbitant parking fees in Singapore, so maybe skip the car for the day. Parking is also limited, so think twice about driving, lest you miss a workout because you got held up looking for a spot. Instead, get out your ez-link card and opt for public transport.

Pro-tip: The venue is in walking distance of Bayfront MRT, which will let you get in a light warm-up before reaching the festival.

11) No outside food allowed

Why would you want to bring any food, given the amazing selection curated for the festival? Catering to different dietary restrictions, tastes and preferences, these eats have at least one thing in common – how healthy they are.

Pro-tip: If you’re coming in a group, why not buy from all the different stalls then share? That way, you can sample them all without feeling too full.

12) Kids

If you’re making a family outing out of FitnessFest by AIA and bringing your children, definitely check out all the fun activities, just for kids! Let Junior channel his energy into the Kid’s Gym sessions, all facilitated by GymKidz, and show your kids that keeping fit can be fun too.

Pro-tip: Kids under 12 can enter the festival for free!

Now that you’re sufficiently prepared and equipped with these handy tips, go forth and have a blast at Singapore’s premier fitness festival this weekend!