If you remember watching beauty YouTubers from a few years back, you will remember Birchbox unboxings. Kick starting a trend that has since spread from just beauty products to anything you can imagine, Birchbox is the original subscription box service. For $10 a month, customers could anticipate 5 new and exciting makeup samples, sent directly to their doorstep. The thrill of the surprise, the beautiful packaging, the purported savings, it’s no wonder the trend caught on.

Now, there are subscription boxes for almost everything, from books to food and even plants! Here’s our pick on cool subscription boxes that you can get locally:

1) The BooksActually Box

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The BooksActually Box is a subscription service that sends you a specially selected book and some complementary items every month. Launched in 2016, the package allows you to take your pick of the 5 BooksActually Elves, who will curate the selection you receive. They try to send out lesser known books but if you do already own the book you get, fret not! Not only will they let you keep it, they will also send you a different book ASAP. Check out their reading profiles to find something that suits your preferences and or choose to expand your literary horizons by going with a genre you’ve never read.

Starting from $129 for a 3-month subscription, you can find the Elves’ reading profiles and more information here.

2) Librum Box

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A play on words on the familiar “carpe diem”, Carpe Librum is a themed, bi-monthly book subscription box, curated by founders Azura & Huda (and on occasion, a guest curator). The box consists of one book, carefully chosen in relation to the theme, which you can expect to either be a current bestseller, new release or a special edition of an all-time favourite title. Their most recent box saw Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Dear Ijeawele, Or a Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions delivered to subscribers’ doorsteps for International Women’s Day.

Each box is $35, including delivery, but also remember to check out their Facebook for more info.


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Launched in 2016, OHHMYBOX is Singapore’s first monthly subscription box specially for men. Of the belief that no two men are alike, you will receive a questionnaire upon subscribing, ensuring you only get products that suit you. The box will feature a range of top-shelf grooming products. From facial to body care, lifestyle accessories and many other premium items, based on a different theme every month, spruce up your personal style with this service.

Discover the latest trends in menswear and stock up on your fundamentals, all at the incredibly valuable cost of $47 each month. Opt for either a 6 or 12 month subscription but do head over to their website if you’re keen!

4) Style Theory

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Marry the concepts of high-end clothing rentals with subscription box services, and Style Theory is what you get. Created to offer the everywoman unlimited access to a diverse designer wardrobe at a fixed, affordable monthly rate, this subscription is all about freedom to experiment with designer styles without the commitment of buying. Choose 3 pieces from a selection of brands and simply wait for the items to be delivered to your door. What’s more, Style Theory takes all the hassle out of wearing clothes by sorting out the laundry for you! The subscription is rather exclusive during this period as they expand their range, so join the waitlist and anticipate an invitation to subscribe today.

At a flat fee of $129/month,  you can subscribe to Style Theory and jazz up your wardrobe.

5) Simplyfresh

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There are a host of healthy subscription boxes you can choose from, but we think SimplyFresh’s takes the cake with a first-of-its-kind concept here in Singapore. With nine customisable boxes, full of organic produce harvested from their farms in Europe , SimplyFresh is the premier subscription to go to for the freshest ingredients. A celebration of flavour and freshness, the service caters to a wide variety of diets and lifestyles, which means that there’s something for everyone looking to enjoy tasty and healthy food.

Prices start at $150/box, but be sure to look up their website for more details.

6) Thirsty

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We’ve all seen moments on TV, when our favourite characters return home after a long day, open their fridge and crack open a cold beer. Celebrate the end of your work day too, with a cold craft beer from Thirsty, Singapore’s leading craft beer shop. The subscription offers a 3-month beer delivery service, and you can even choose to receive your beer on specific dates. Make your choice from a wide selection of beers, ales and ciders, and assemble your own case of either 6, 12 or 24 bottles.

Starting from $178 for a case of 6 beers, and more info can be found on their website.

7) Hook Coffee

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For those of you that can’t function in the mornings without having coffee first, this one’s for you. Hook Coffee’s subscription service delivers freshly roasted specialty coffee right to your mailbox. Sourcing only the finest sustainably grown and ethically produced beans from farms in the developing world, not only does the box guarantee you a delightful cup of coffee, it also makes a difference in the lives of the farmers. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur with fancy coffee-making machines or just someone with a mug and a kettle, be sure to sign up for a daily fix of perfectly roasted beans!

Prices vary, according to their highly customisable selection of beans based on your tastes and coffeemaker. Take the short test over at their website!

8) Māobox & Perrobox

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Everyone loves pampering their furkids and with the introduction of two pet subscription boxes, we can now expand our excitement for prettily packaged presents to our beloved pets. Specially for our feline friends, Māobox is the first cat subscription box in Singapore. Delivered to your doorstep every 2 months, each box comes with a variety of selected samples, treats, and toys for your cats to try out and play with. The good news is that the service also helps out other kitties! With every order of MāoBox, 10% of the proceeds go towards the local shelter, Love Kuching Project, a non-profit that rehabilitates and re-homes sick and injured cats.

You can get a single box to test out the service for $29, but a 6-month subscription will set you back only $27 for 3 boxes. Check out their website for more pricing information and other details.

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And for dog-owners, there’s Perrobox! A monthly dog treat and toy box subscription from Perro, the Dog Company, Perrobox offers healthy and wholesome treats to satisfy your pups, all at enormous savings. Depending on your dog’s size and how often you want the box, a selection of treats, toys, and chews will be curated for you and delivered to your house for free in the first week of the month.

Costs for the boxes differ according to your dog’s size and the frequency of deliveries so make sure to look up their website for more info!

While the local selection of subscription boxes are certainly commendable, the pool is lacking in terms of music and art. Luckily, there are overseas services that ship here!

9) Papirmass

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Created by full-time artists and husband-and-wife team Kirsten McCrea & JP King in 2008, Papirmass aims to deliver exclusive yet affordable art prints to creative, curious people all around the world. An independent art subscription looking to spark curiosity and inspire creativity, their monthly mailings have helped subscribers from all over the world discover new artists. Upon subscription, you will receive one art print, one artist card, and one creative card, allowing you to decorate your space, explore more of the art community and even create art yourself.

Choose either an annual, quarterly or monthly subscription with prices as low as $8/month. As always, head on over to their website for more details!

10) Vinyl Me Please

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Tired of the hearing the same music over and over again but don’t know how to go about looking for new tunes? Or maybe you’re just a dedicated music lover through and through and can’t get enough of it. Either way, definitely check out Vinyl Me Please. Proudly calling itself the “best damn record club out there”, Vinyl Me Please sure delivers on its promise, with a team of highly passionate and knowledgeable people behind the operation. Previously featured records include The Fugees’ The Score, Wells Fargo’s Watch Out! and Beck’s Odelay, but check out their twitter for more updates. With subscription costs varying based on location, the worth of this subscription is totally up to you but it’s certainly very unique!

Sign up for their international plan, from $42/month, check out their magazine and find other good stuff at their website!