Watching a real-life magic show felt surreal -after all, we all grew up watching beautiful assistants being sawed up in half wishing to see it in the flesh one day. And so the time came. Presented by BASE Entertainment Asia, Cosentino was poised to make all of our childhood dreams come true, and more.

The lights dimmed and a grungy introduction splashes on the screen. Suspenseful music plays underneath quick cuts of death-defying stunts and machines! Big, scary machines! Cosentino dives into a tank!  This is it. 

The curtain drops and the man himself appears sharply dressed with his unmistakeable fedora hat. He dances (very well at that) throughout the show, breezing through the segment’s tight choreography with finesse. Somehow amidst all the excitement I blinked, and the next thing I knew, he disappeared off the stage, only to magically re-appear at the back of the theatre to roaring applause.

Holy shit.

Image Credits: BASE Entertainment Asia

“Tonight, we all become believers,” he says before descending into his second act. His entire performance didn’t require affirmation. This man is not just any other Australian magic sensation -he creates his own stunts that he claims require “pure core strength and endurance”. I can imagine this guy looking like a beast in a crossfit gym.

Occasionally, members of the audience are called up on stage as he performs cool street magic on them to wow even the skeptics. I mean, who in the world turns a $50 note into $5? That’s right, this is legit.

The time came for the grand finale, Cosentino prepared to perform his signature act (pictured below) and recruits the help of audience members (and there’s Niki Muller!) to inspect his gear to affirm its “authenticity”. I mean, it’s not as though we spent the entire evening questioning his act. Being a magician must be emotionally taxing.

Image Credits: BASE Entertainment Asia

A few moments of deafening silence ensued as he gets in the zone and lower himself into the clear water tank. We were edging on our seat, this stuff is intense. If he loses concentration for just a second he’ll drown as hundreds of people watch. That’s not we came here for! Then I recalled that this guy is Cosentino -the man that replicated a similar trick in an aquarium filled with sharks and still made it out. There’s hope.

We took a deep breath (while he held his for minutes) and he escaped! The now half-naked magician is free! The show ended to an astounding applause, and we left the theatre feeling a sense of satisfaction that dates back to the fuzziest moments of our childhood.

If we were to pick a bone, perhaps more elements of surprise would’ve served us very well. While the stunts performed were indeed outrageously dangerous, the element of suspense was sometimes short-lived.

Cosentino is presented by BASE Entertainment Asia and there are only a few shows left!

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