The inaugural FitnessFest 2017 by AIA is almost here and it looks set to be an exciting two days!

Always wanted to try new types of workouts but unsure about shelling out $40-50 for a class you might not even enjoy? Then FitnessFest is for you! With access to more than 12 mass workouts and more than 60 various types of workout trials, an amazing swag bag, and so much more, the festival is an incredible bang for your buck. Tickets are going at $69 for a one-day pass, $99 for a two-day pass, for a experience that’s worth every penny.

Billed as Singapore’s ultimate fitness festival, this massive fitness event is breaking barriers, being the largest of its kind to ever be held here. FitnessFest is proud to welcome headliner Cassey Ho, who will open and close the festival, all the way from Los Angeles. Many other names from the local and international health and fitness industry make up the fantastic line-up, including full-body drumming workout, PoundFit.

Massive crowds are expected – ranging from hardcore fitness fanatics, to fitness newbies, and even to young families with kids – for one fun-filled and adrenaline-pumping weekend. The festival will see six different arenas provide different types of workouts, from parkour to yoga, for all. Featuring a variety of dynamic activities aimed at advocating a sustainable healthy lifestyle, and categorised into beginner, multi-level and intermediate, FitnessFest’s all-inclusive activities are perfect for everyone, regardless of fitness level.

Whether you’re looking to discover a new and intense workout, or just testing the waters and putting your limits to the test, FitnessFest is a fitness junkie’s paradise, and a newbie’s a la carte menu. From classes led by big name instructors, to activities for kids, and hosted by Kelly Latimer, there is nowhere better than FitnessFest to embark on your journey towards active living.

Here’s 10 things we’re looking forward to at FitnessFest!

1) Work out with Cassey Ho

Join Youtube fitness guru and Blogilates’ very own Cassey Ho in the main arena as she kicks off the festival on Saturday morning with her POP Pilates. This dynamic “dance on the mat” experience choreographs beautiful Pilates-inspired moves to your favourite pop songs! As Cassey closes the festival on Sunday with her brand new Pilates Intense Interval Training, prepare to be challenged by a fusion of the core strengthening benefits of Pilates and the fat burning power of HITT in a 28-minute equipment-free workout. Seize your chance to be trained by the fitness phenomenon in person!

Where: Main Arena Stage

2) Party with PoundFit

Inspired by the infectious, energising, and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums, PoundFit has elevated working out to another level. Offering a break from the monotony of regular workouts without compromising on intensity, this alternative cardio jam is perfect for couples and large groups of friends to come together to sweat it out. Burn calories and tone your muscles with this full-body drumming workout in a unique combination of cardio, conditioning, and strength training.

Where: Main Arena Stage

3) Glow Yoga with Jasmine Chong of Yoga Lab

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Headed by local yoga instructor Jasmine Chong of Yoga Lab, this session puts a neon luminescent twist on yoga. Catered to people of all fitness levels, her class incorporates black lights, glow sticks, dance music, and asana for the perfect blend of fitness and fun. Get painted in neon body paint before the class begins and let Jasmine share her knowledge and passion for yoga with you in this one of a kind workout experience!

Where: Main Arena Stage

4) Feel the burn with The Ring Boxing Community

Ever wanted to try cardio boxing? Now’s your chance. Feel the calories melt away with every supercharged minute of a combination of boxing, high-intensity conditioning and body weight strength training moves.  Under the expertise of instructors Rey Caitom and Mighty Moose, both passionate boxers with years of experience,  you will get a workout that’s guaranteed to make every second of the 45 minute workout burn in the best way.

Where: Main Arena Stage

5) Try out F.I.T Bodyweight with Lisa Clayton

One of the original founders of Singapore’s largest outdoor fitness community, UFIT Bootcamps, Lisa Clayton will lead a Functional Interval Training (F.I.T) session at the Main Arena stage on Sunday morning. The class includes full-body mobility drills, hip and glute strengthening work, plus core exercises and movements adapted from Pilates and Yoga, right through to Military style circuits. Kick start your morning with this high-intensity workout to get those endorphins rushing!

Where: Main Arena Stage

6) Get spinning with CruCycle

Harvard-educated engineer Victoria Martin breaks indoor cycling down like science, while ex-swimmer and former Olympian, Bryan Tay is no stranger to hard work and pushing limits. Despite their different backgrounds, their workouts will test your limits. Victoria’s alternates between high and low resistance sprints, and her class is designed to challenge your mental willpower and physical tenacity – with sick beats and intense drops to match. Don’t be afraid to turn it up at Bryan’s session! Showcasing the versatility of indoor cycling, this class will show you how to use that resistance dial to get the most out of your workouts, be it through cardio, strength training, or wanting to target specific muscle groups. Feel yourself getting stronger with every pedal stroke!

7) Work out with Anabel Chew from WeBarre Signature

WeBarre’s signature multi-level class is a thoroughly exhilarating workout inspired by ballet, yoga, Pilates & strength training to transform your entire body. The class will consist of a fusion of isometric holds (small controlled movements) with full-range dynamic movements that will challenge you to build strength while moving gracefully with poise. Exert your muscles with intense levels of body control with Anabel at FitnessFest!

Where: Manduka Tent

8) Educate yourself at the Healthy Living Show

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is more than exercising. Understanding the impact of certain food on your body’s well-being is essential in attaining higher levels of health. At FitnessFest, you will be able to find a whole series of programmes, workshops and talks dedicated to educating you on living well. Check out the talk by Soi Coco on the health benefits of consuming coconuts. Or maybe you would prefer attending STACKED Mobility & Flexibility’s mobility workshop, where you will not only learn how to properly work out the knots and kinks in your body, but also how to re-establish proper mobility and flexibility with simple equipment and movement patterns. Confused on what constitutes good fats? Discover more at Tansy Boggon’s talk Good Fats Bad Fats. A professional nutrition therapist at Balanced Living, Boggon clears up conflicting information on the benefits of fat. Join her in dispelling the myths on fat and sample some healthy recipes, so you can feel fit and vibrant for life.

9) Eat healthy at the Food Village

Complement your active lifestyle with a balanced and nutritious diet at FitnessFest’s food village! With a specially curated selection of healthy and delicious eats ranging from poke bowls by A Poke Theory, to ice cold coconut shakes by Soi Coco, and even vegan burgers, be sure to check out these amazing outlets for nutritious fare that taste truly delicious.

10) Stock up on your favourite brands at the Shopping Village

Get the latest in fitness trends and athletic gear at FitnessFest’s very own Shopping Village. Finally, the brands that you love to shop for online will be made physically available to you, exclusive to the festival only, so say goodbye to buying things in the wrong size!  For the first time ever in Singapore, shop for your athletic wear at retailers like Fit and Fab, Be Pure Apparel, TomTom, and Theia Active. Also available for the first time in Singapore is Cassey Ho’s own line of beautifully designed athletic wear, POP Flexactive, so make sure you check out the shopping village!

Are you as excited as Cassey yet? You should be! There are tons more exciting events scheduled to look forward to. For the full line-up, ticket prices and more information, click on the link below, or head on down to the FitnessFest website today!


1-DAY Pass – $69, $79 (at the door)

2-DAY Pass – $99

Free entry for children under 12 years old