Let’s face it, we get incredibly distracted at the workplace. Whether it’s a last minute meeting, unbelievably cute cat video or even an office bestie ranting to you, we tend to not get much done in the workday. On the bright side, the very thing that distracts us can also help us get more things done!

It’s time to put the days of inefficient organisation and task management behind us. The advent of productivity apps in recent years have sought to make even the busiest of people successfully meet deadlines and keep appointments. Technology is our friend and it’s high time we embrace its support with these simple and intuitive apps. Whether you’re an Apple devotee or an Android user, fret not – there are apps for everyone.

We’ve compiled the best apps and extensions for maximum productivity across all platforms – which we think will be just as useful for us as it is for you.

1) Evernote

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Write and store documents, memos, pictures, and more online through the cloud with Evernote, an app accessible on both mobile and desktop. The ability to switch between desktop and mobile whenever thoroughly minimises time spent transferring notes from one device to another. The search function also makes finding specific past notes a breeze. Upload up to 60MB of content per month for the free version, or opt for the upgraded plans which start from USD$24.99 per year.

2) Rescue Time

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Ever find yourself visiting Facebook every once in awhile, telling yourself “It’s only two minutes, it’s fine”? This time-tracking app delivers reports breaking down the sites you visit and how much time you spend on each one, bringing attention to where your individual minutes go and how much they add up to. Great for planning and cutting down on distractions, Rescue Time helps you rein in your attention and focus on the priorities. The app is free, but for USD$9 monthly, you can enjoy more productivity-promoting features.

3) Trello

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Are you more of a visual learner? Check out Trello, an app available across all devices. Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun and flexible way. Integrate the apps your team already uses directly into your workflow, for ease of management. Pricing for the app is flexible, with Trello offering a free plan for small teams, to USD$20.83 monthly, depending on the number of users.

4) Todoist

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Todoist elevates the simple, back-to-basics checklist by promoting accessibility – the service is available across 10 platforms. It also enables you to collaborate real-time on shared tasks, taking team projects to soaring levels of efficiency. You don’t even have to use the app for just work stuff – plan birthdays and holidays with Todoist to ensure a smooth-sailing process. Opt for the free plan that lets you handle up to 80 projects if you’re just going to be using the app for personal purposes.

5) Momentum

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Momentum is personal dashboard that allows you to plan your day when you open a new tab on your browser. Record your main focus of the day in the blank of this browser extension, list your goals and other tasks in the to-do section and watch your productivity skyrocket. Set against a calming and scenic “Photo of the Day”, Momentum is definitely an easy way to keep track of everything you’re supposed to be on top of. Plus, it’s free and available for both Mac and PC!

6) Any.do

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Designed for simplicity, Any.do sees to it that managing your time and projects remain straightforward and convenient. With a minimalistic yet highly customisable interface, the app is perfect for those spurred on by great design. One key feature that sets this apart from other checklist-style apps is Any.do Moment. It nudges you first thing in the morning to make a habit of reviewing your daily tasks so say goodbye to getting caught off guard by surprise tasks and meetings later in the day. The best part? The app is completely free.

7) Pocket

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You know how when you’re just scrolling through Facebook, and you’re met by a barrage of interesting (read: clickbaity) articles that you just don’t have the time to read right then? Pocket is the perfect app for situations like these. Pretty much everything – articles, videos, and more – can be saved to Pocket, and be accessed on almost any device without even having to connect to the Internet. That’s very impressive. The app is free for basic users, and runs up to USD$44.99 yearly for premium users.

8) Remember the Milk

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The name of this to-do app stems from when people made grocery lists and pinned them to the fridge. With Remember the Milk, you don’t have to waste brain space on remembering small tasks, and can instead focus on creating and implementing, and boosting productivity. Perfect for list-lovers who require a linear system for their checklists, the app also allows you to break tasks down into subtasks, maximising efficiency. While there is a free option for the basic plan, at USD$39.99 a year, the premium version offers way more features that might be necessary you. It’s all up to you and your needs!

9) DropTask

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Droptask is the app for managing team projects. Using Kanban-style boards, the app allows you to manage tasks, keep abreast of everyone’s contributions and deadlines, and visualise the overall workflow of your team. The free-for-life plan allows you to receive instant progress updates from up to 5 collaborators, but if you find yourself needing more, upgrade to the business plan for USD$8.25 a month.

10) Block Site

Beat procrastination and download Block Site from your Chrome store today. This extension allows you to stay focused, automatically blocking websites of your choice for maximum focus. Simply add the website you want to block in the options and it is automatically blocked. If you still try to access this page, you will be redirected to a special blocked website with their mascot Mr. Wips. Staying off Facebook will no longer be a challenge to those with the attention span of a goldfish.

11) Slack

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Nothing is more annoying then miscommunication and missed connections, especially in a high stress environment, where everything needs to run like a well-oiled machine. Communication in a team is key to achieving optimum efficiency and Slack provides just that. Organise different team conversations into different channels based on topic, project, or whatever your preference. Used by huge companies like Airbnb and Buzzfeed, integrate your other apps, access archived messages and accomplish more work than you ever thought you could in one day! Try out the app with their free, unlimited plan or opt for the standard and plus plans, which are USD$6.67 and USD$12.50 per month respectively.

12) Asana

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Assign and keep track of daily tasks for both yourself and members of your team. Create specific lists or calendars to get a daily, weekly and monthly overview of upcoming tasks, with the app sending periodical reminders of whatever’s due. Perfect for collaborative environments, Asana allows you to set deadlines to ensure things get done when they’re supposed to. Simply tick off a completed task to let others know when it’s completed, without the hassle of reporting back. The app offers free plans that may have sufficient features for some, but upgrading to a premium tier unlocks more organisational tools.

13) Harvest

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Always find time getting away from you? Finish the work day with half your tasks still incomplete? You need a better time management system and Harvest ought to do the trick. Log events, meetings and appointments, or even allocate a set time to complete a specific task. Need to track more than just time? Harvest also allows you to track expenses and send out professional invoices of time spent, helping you get paid faster. Try out their free plan and convert to one of their two USD$12 a month plans if you find yourself indebted to the service.

14) Microsoft Teams

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Tied to the other functions of Microsoft 365, this app enables quick access to content, tools, people, and conversations in the team workspace, making communicating and transferring of data a breeze. Create different chat channels for the team based on work streams or topics, for ease of discussion and customise notifications so you don’t miss out on any important activities or information.