In the fast-paced world we live in today, it’s easy to get consumed by the hustle and bustle (or the “grind”) that comes along with it. As a result, many women find themselves in a wandering state of contemplation, juggling both their personal goals and careers, with the former losing prominence over time.

We speak with the vibrant individuals behind The Busy Woman Project (Jas, Berns, Che & Jus), which aims to break this chain by fostering a collaborative community that supports and inspires busy women to live and feel better.

Q : Tell us more about The Busy Woman Project

We are Asia’s Community for Busy Women to live, feel and be better.

Our mission is to connect, empower & inspire Women to be happier and healthier. We do this by making healthy living (mentally, physically, emotionally) easy, efficient and sustainable for Busy Women, with a focus on Health, Boutique Fitness & Wellness experiences.

We offer ladies an online platform (Journal, closed Facebook group, social media channels), as well as on the ground sweatworking experiences, which were previously held in Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Shanghai.

We also place emphasis on supporting For Women brands in Asia, encouraging our Community to do their part For Women and consume with purpose.

By bringing together a community of like-minded women, we want to create a safe space to make connections and be supported, and where people can easily share their thoughts on their health, social and business lives, thereby creating more time to take action. More importantly, to have the ability & health to be Busy!

Moving forward, we aim to continue providing more tools & curating experiences to simplify things & improve the lifestyles of Busy people to become healthier and happier as a whole.

Q: What inspired you to form it? How big is your community?

We know it may not be easy. Women are always Busy and are natural multi-taskers. Women take on multiple personal & professional roles in our society – entrepreneur, student, wife, caretaker, and the list goes on. Particularly in Asia, Women are subjected to many ‘cookie-cutter’ moulds – our body shapes, the roles we “should” play, the ways we “should” act, and the list goes on…

We have also encountered many ‘SuperWoman’ who dedicate their time to everything else, but themselves. This results in burnout or other stress-induced illnesses such as depression. This IS happening to people around us.

The sad, unfortunate (but real) thing is despite knowing that our health is of utmost priority, we often place our career goals and others before ourselves. It is easy to miss that workout and dismiss it off with a simple “no time” should the people around us not prioritize their health too.

We started The Busy Woman Project because we live lives like you do. We want to actively pursue our goals, indulge in our passions and love & care for others. How can we do so if we’re not strong mentally & physically?

By bringing together like-minded Women with the community, we hope you are able to find your support, your SweatBuddy and the little motivations that can fit into your lifestyle to live better.

In Oct 2016, we started the community and currently have over 2K community members on our email mailing list & social media feeds. We are still growing!

Take that first step for yourself – join the Community and be inspired & inspire fellow Women to live, feel and be better.


“My life after The Busy Woman Project meetup changed so much that I’m so much happier now with new friends + opportunities + encouragement…”

Q: How has the reception been like so far?

Amazing and humbling. We are very thankful and blessed to have met so many awesome ladies over the past few months.

“My life after The Busy Woman Project meetup changed so much that I’m so much happier now with new friends + opportunities + encouragement…” – simple thank you messages like these are the most rewarding to our team.

Whether it is Singapore or Jakarta or Shanghai, there are so many individuals who are keen to do their parts to make a difference – to empower a fellow Woman, such as celebrating another Women’s achievements, or supporting another Woman’s endeavors. Women are now meeting and supporting one another as a means to well being, acknowledging that authentic community and connecting with others is one of the ways to care for themselves.

Of course, together, we can do more! Know a friend who can benefit from The Busy Woman Project Community? We’ll love to get them started on their path towards a healthier & happier lifestyle – the little things to live better!

Q: How big is the team behind TBWP?

There are four of us. We’re based in Singapore — Jas is an ex-banker, Berns runs a family business in medical supplies & rehab equipment, Che is a flight attendant and Jus is a tech entrepreneur. We also have amazing Community Ambassadors across Asia.

Q: Tell us more about your logo – we see a silhouette of someone doing yoga – what is the actual meaning behind it?

You’re partially right! The logo is actually the Chinese character “Nu”, which stands for Woman. With the logo, we are depicting a Busy Woman running in her heels, while striving to prioritize her health & fitness through Yoga (“Warrior pose”, or any other healthy activities really) to live better despite her Busy schedules.

Q: What is that one thing that all your Community Ambassadors embody?

Our “Busy Woman” leads a Busy lifestyle. She dreams. She travels to explore the world, grows, acknowledges her flaws, is committed to bettering herself and finds the time to fit in her priorities. She places her health & wellness as her priority and is passionate about reaching out to other Women to inspire them to lead an active & healthy lifestyle too.

After all, how can you actively pursue your goals, indulge in your passions and love & care for others if you do not love yourself first and have a healthy mind & body?

These are the values and messages we’ll like to share with the rest of the Community. Our Community Ambassadors are ‘your everyday Busy Women’ who embody the above attributes.

Q: As busy women yourselves, how do you find ways to unplug and relax?

All of us have different ways of relaxing. We believe it’s imperative to discover how you can unplug when triggered, even if it’s something small. Berns loves meditating for 10 minutes while in the car to start the day, Che likes surrounding herself with feel-good experiences and/or people, such as indulging in creative projects she has been dreaming of, while Jas enjoys zoning out to good beats at an indoor cycling class.

Working out is a top priority for the team – discover an instructor or the type of fitness that is fun to you so that it becomes enjoyable, rather than a chore!

Q: “I just don’t have the time” – what do you say to that?


Define your priorities clearly, constantly reevaluate them and their value to you—find out what makes you feel good. Strive to be excellent, but not at the expense of your mental and physical health.

Many studies also show that exercise and productivity have a strong correlation. Perhaps adding that 30min of good workout time might actually allow you to get more done and have more time to do the things you love!

Q: Lastly, what’s in the works for TBWP?

Our focus is on providing the tools & experiences to making healthy living easy for Busy Women.

We continue to provide sweatworking experiences for Busy Women to create meaningful friendships with like-minded people & stay healthy at the same time.

We are also working on a platform to help discover curated Boutique Fitness gyms, Healthy Eats cafes & Wellness experiences near me easily. Essentially, we want to make healthy living easier for you.

Afterall, it’s easier to navigate your Busy life and work towards your dreams when you’re healthy!

Join The Busy Woman Project – Asia’s Community for Busy Women – and let’s live, feel and be better together! Meet like-minded Women and discover Health, Fitness & Wellness experiences. They strive to inspire YOU to invest in your happiness & health and achieve amazing things, while doing your part For Women.

Follow them on Instagram & Linkedin, or head on to their website at to join the community & be inspired.

The Busy Woman Project will be at FitnessFest 2017, presenting a HIIT & FLOW (where muscles meet yoga) session by Kate Telge of BASE Bangkok! 🙌 It’s happening at the Calisthenics Tent (new addition!) on 21 May, 10:45am. Find out more at