The latest from the collection of inane hipster fads to trickle into mainstream culture is BeerYoga. With the idea originating over a year ago in Germany at a Berlin yoga studio, it’s actually surprising the idea has taken this long to make headlines. Combining beer drinking with yoga classes, the concept has caught on in places like Australia, Thailand and even Singapore, with local company Trium Fitness hosting a session back in February.

Thought BeerYoga was weird enough? We’ve found 4 other workouts that will also leave you wondering exactly where the line between trendy and insanity lies.

1) BeerYoga

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Inspired by what they saw at  Burning Man festival, certified yoga teachers and passionate beer drinkers Jhula and Emily began offering classes. They state that BeerYoga is fun but that it’s no joke, and that it pairs the philosophies of yoga and the pleasure of beer-drinking to reach the highest level of consciousness.

Though the founders are adamant that BeerYoga is a completely serious concept, we just can’t seem to reconcile the social connotations of having a beer with the mindfulness and tradition of yoga. Slammed by health and fitness experts for the contradictory marriage of beer and yoga, as well as compromising the health of participants, the effectiveness of the workout is definitely questionable, but if you’re down for a quirky way to get drunk, why not?

2) Naked Yoga

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Very few people are comfortable with being around strangers in their birthday suit, but if you are one of the blessed few, consider this: Naked Yoga. From a studio in New York, founders Monika Werner and Joschi Schwarz offer different types of services, including private sessions, offering one-on-one attention (although we think that even one naked person doing yoga in one room is already too many naked people doing yoga). Their website even has a section for testimonials from satisfied participants and we must admit, the yoga does sound genuinely beneficial.

There are claims of the workout reducing anxiety and boosting self-positivity (so, much like regular, fully-clothed yoga) but somehow, we think the nudity aspect might prove a steep hill to get over before reaping the benefits.

3) Stiletto Workout

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It’s time to throw years of marketing and research to develop the perfect sports shoe out the window and make way for the ultimate workout shoe – the stiletto. We kid, but the purveyors of this sport do not. Inventor Nicole Damaris began offering classes when she saw how women who did not know how to walk and balance in the teetering stilts of a shoe continued to don it regardless.

She understands concerns over foot and overall safety and reassures participants that the workout is safe as movements are regulated and highly controlled, a core-strengthening tactic (although she still makes the women sign waivers). She also maintains that the workout is a way to improve form and posture while wearing heels, while toning and shaping the body, but coming from someone who can’t stand in heels for longer than 30 minutes, good luck to you if you’re into this sort of thing.

4) Skateboard Pilates

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Ah, the humble skateboard. No longer just a board on wheels used to achieve sweet kickflips and ollies, enthusiasts have begun to incorporate it into their pilates sessions. Using the skateboard almost like an ab roller, this technique is more like a life hack than anything else, seeing as people are more likely to have skateboards lying around than an ab roller (depending on your social circles, of course).

Elevate basic lunges, planks and crunches, all with the help of your trusty Penny board. Just skate on over to your favourite workout location, bust out a few sets, and skate on home. Easy peasy!

5) Punk Rock Aerobics

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Find regular aerobics too conventional for your punk lifestyle? We come bearing good news, in the form of Punk Rock Aerobics, “the kick-ass, dirt-ass DIY workout you’ve been waiting for!”. In one 60-minute exercise class, set to a soundtrack of classic punk songs, prepare to get inspired, empowered, and have yourself a good time, rocking out like you’re back in the 70s at a Ramones gig. Try your hand at a combination of original punk dance moves and aerobic exercise for a unique kick to your fitness.

Join the revolution (although we’re not too sure if you have to already own outfits like those on the website, or if you’ll to just rent them from some sort of a costume store)!